About us

Welcome to Afnan Bilingual Nursery

The effect of gathering has been diminished in the lives of our children and due to that, the size of their individuality and isolation have been increased because of the excessive uses of technology and communication tools, that drag them to unexpected cognitive space, which they find the enjoyment of individuality and the joy of being alone with these electronic games, internet or any other electronics, because of that, it’s necessary to stand out the importance of developing the art of dealing with the skills of our children and themselves in their early lives, by learning how to choose correctly, practicing on decision making, developing their own taste by establishing relationships with people and stuff with valuable standards and good taste of filters that protect our children from the bad effects of bad friends and evil thoughts from their early ages.

In Afnan’s nursery, we insist on the right educational establishment: teaching the children in their early ages how to deal with (Openness globalization) and this is the way that things are running through our lives nowadays.

We are also specialized in supporting the parents at home and supporting the required social behavior. These gain the child positive behaviors such as orderliness, responsibility, discipline and patience.

Our vision:
We aim to build a balanced formation of a child, who knows his own value in his early age and also knows how to improve his relationships establishment, in order to live a happy productive life.

Our Mission:
Our educational system in Afnan’s nursery is a bilingual system and not only a nursery that takes care of the kids, which teaches the child the basics of life that help him to build his personality. This system is inspired by correlation of the Kuwait society and the intelligent adoption of the best educational systems that are specialized for children, who haven’t reached to dangerous thinking or intuitive phase.

This educational system is done by: Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khulefi and Dr. Basheer Al-Rashidi and they are the ones who do the supervising works and developments.

Our educational values in Afnan’s nursery

  1. We believe that a child is capable of learning.
  2. We believe that appreciating child’s efforts will lead to more success.
  3. We believe that educating has two phases:
  • Theoretical foundation
  • Practical experience

Our children should receive a balanced education with interesting educational shows and a practical field activity.

  1. We establish for our kids a comprehensive meaning of life that will come out of them their values, goals and future behavior motivations.

So, we teach them how to love Allah, the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon on him) and to love their own parents. We also make them feel proud of themselves as respective individuals.

  1. We provide the child with activities that develop the aspects of knowledge in sentimental ways, declamatory ways. Also, to develop his motor skills.
  2. As we facilitate for the child to make social connections that help him to deal with the world. We believe that the child’s feeling of who’s around him is vital sense, so we train the child to be responsible of himself, people who are around him and things he deals with.
  3. We encourage the child to be creative, in order to seek for science and knowledge for his entire life.
  4. We believe that the best way to teach the child is to motivate him, challenge him and encourage him to explore under the supervision of efficient teachers.
  5. Parents’ main role is to encourage their children. They are responsible for providing a lovely and a supportive environment to all what they get in the nursery from good behavior and responsibilities.