Language is the most important skill that children should gain and master from their early ages, in order for them to be able to communicate with those who are around them in society and also to develop their understanding. In this nursery, we start teaching the children gradually by starting with learning the letters and even learning how to read some simple words by educational games and books.

Synergy skills and accurate motor skills:

It is done by drawing, painting, forming by using clay, categorizing, connecting between the dots and kids assembly toys. All these activities help in developing motor skills and it’s considered as basic skills of educating, which you can’t expect from a nursery kid to apply synergy skills at this stage.

Educational experiences: divided into two sections:

  1. Science accessories and social studies:

Discovering nature, recognizing the world around us and knowing how our bodies look like from the inside and how they work are the most enjoyable and excited subjects for the children in different ages. If we can offer such as these information in a touchable way, which the children can experience by themselves, in that way, we are helping them to gain information in a way that makes it hard to forget, which is opposite than gaining information by looking only. This makes them capable of scientific thinking in an organized way in every field of their lives.

  1. Teaching numbers and mathematics:

It is done by teaching the kids numbers, their symbols and how to do groups of numbers, all of these are done by group of educational products that consist of numbers and mathematic concepts that are difficult to some of the children, so they are being taught in an enjoyable and simple way, which makes it easy for them to understand and realize.

Islamic education and disciplining stories:

The child starts to repeat some short Quran gradually until he memorizes them.

Children recognize the characteristics, the blessed names if Allah and stories of prophets through some stories.

Colors and Arts

Children are naturally gifted, showing their talents at young age when provided with opportunities and tools that supports their craft and shine light on their talents therefore, providing kids with colours of different shades and clays and various kinds of learning materials is crucial with assurance that materials provided does not contain any hazardous ingredients to the child’s health. The nursery ensures that only the best and safest materials are provided to suit all kinds of needs and tastes.

The world of drama and role-playing is a world filled with imagination, and this is the kind of world that children would want to spend so much time in without boredom. Adding more to say, this world plays an important role in the growth of social, practical aspects and ethical values of children. It’s the stairway through which they can understand the world around them and take out the positive and negative feelings in a healthy manner.

It’s an interesting subject that we have added to practice life goals. The goal of adding songs and drama or theatre is to support and strengthen children in both Arabic and English languages. Poetry and simple songs has good effect on children by nature.

The students will practice role-play and give public speech to develop self-confidence and face the crowd and audience. Also students will offer Theatrical performances to their peers, teachers and parents at certain times of the school year.

Fitness classes are an important part of the curriculum, the child learns about control and consistency between the different parts of the body and being involved with a number of sporting activities playing in teams and individual. We also have a play area for children to help them to strengthen these skills. And this subject will revolve around activities such as basic moving skills. These activities will be given to support strength and fitness in early life. It will link all objectives teaching students healthy ways to take care of the body and provide proper diet and maintain it and of course the child will be wearing complete training suits on certain days.

Fhis section presents different life experiences. Montessori, Maria established a philosophy that the world is reduced to the child during the first years of his education. In addition it develop their sensory skills and hand-eye compliance, strengthen muscles and more social skills learning through play games, Montessori corner emphasizes that each sense can be grown and improve when accurate educational experience is given to the child.

Because the world around us is constantly evolving, our children must be accompanied by this development by using computer. Not only playing games, but also to acquire many important skills. Moreover, this section contains a collection of educational videos that show useful and valuable programs. Our nursery will provide you with your child’s recordings during the performance of certain linguistic training in both English and Arabic.

A collection of different stories and comics with educational concepts. The goal of this basket is to familiarize the child with the book and be prepared for future reading. It’s needless to say that the library is within the nursery and will be open to all children and library classes will be specialized per semester. This will help in accommodation of the quiet atmosphere of the library and borrow books. And also encourage them to choose the books, and design their own stories and books later.

Field trips are added to the curriculum and all children are expected to participate whereas subject teaching and activities that is given to the children in the nursery are linked together. The parents must fill out a customized form for it and send the paper back after approval.

  1. Morning Assembly time Holy Quran
  2. Sports area and physical education
  3. Stories session (Bilingual)
  4. Linguistic and initial Interesting (Bilingual)
  5. Scientific projects for the development of exploration and identification
  6. Lunch time and responsibilities
  7. Regular play time and educational applications
  8. Math Center to develop the child’s thinking and concepts
  9. Islamic education
  10. puppet theater
  11. Getting ready to go home